painting clear oversize tanks ?

has anyone ever tryed painting the oversize clear tanks for the wr?

i just kinda hate the look with that yellowish blob on my bike and would really like to get it black or blue

any help apreciated thx

I thought the whole point of the clear tank was so you could easily keep an eye on the fuel level.

Painting it would defeat the purpose of that.

Buddy of mine painted a plastic gas tank once. it looked great for about two months. then all the paint came off.

The fuel vapors actually permeate the plastic on the fuel tank.even though they hold the liquid they let the vapors pass through in small amounts.

So paint the tank at your own risk!

The paint won't last. get some graphics for it if you want to cover the clear look. (plus you could probably still see the fuel level if you just had a graphics kit on it, best of both worlds)

yep, dye it...dont paint it.

get a big tupperware storage tub that the tank will fit in. boil a bunch of pots of water, add dye, and fill the tank with dye water, and submerge it in dye water.

Ive done this to small plastic parts from RC cars and whatnot. most clear or white plastics take dye very well.

i tried adding stickers or decals to the tank they hold about 2 month than the glue just desolves and the decal gets lots of bubbles underneath and in the end just falls off

plan was if it would be possible to paint to tape off 1 square section to make like a window to leave it clear in that part for the look at the fuel level

Most tank decals have small slits or holes cut in them allowing fuel vapor to escape from underneath them. If they don't they can lift in less than 24 hours in some cases.

Don't paint it!!! What a mess.

What is your bike, heck I'd maybe trade ya

2001 wr426

i mean i like the tank and the value it holds just not the colour :cheers:


Looks like you just need to dye it black, as per the link in the first reply.


only thing that worrys me is if u read thrw that thread that some people sayed the clear tanks turn out grey

they arent using enough dye, or letting it steep long enough.

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