Hand guards for Pro Tapers?

I just put on some Pro Taper Windhams as per everyones recommendations, but now my Moose aluminum hand guards don't fit?! They are made to fit the 1-1/8" bars, so why don't they fit these new bars? Any hand guards you guys can recommend that'll fit these bars?


Cycra Pro Bend hand guards fit. Order the guards separate, and then a bar clamp kit specific to PT's

Note that there is now a clamp for Pro-Taper bars up to '07, and another for '08 and onward. That's the year the bars were made, not the bike.


+1 I have them and love them! Best part is no need for "Unbreakable" Levers!

Thanks guys. How do I know what year my bars were made? When I looked at that link it did specify the 07/08 clamps. Do I just want the one marked 1-1/8"?


The listing isn't really too clear, is it? You'll need either the 12-3130 or the 12-3133, as far as I can tell. What I'd recommend is to call the TT store toll free and ask for some help ordering them. I have the 3130 on mine.

Because there are so many different bends of bars, the guards don't always fit perfectly on everything. Mine required a little twist here and there with a vise and a Crescent wrench, but once I got them where I wanted them, they've been a tough player on many encounters with gravity.

My main deal with running them is to keep my fingers from being crunched by the levers when I go down, and in that, they've been perfect. I have no idea how many times they've saved a set of grips or a throttle tube, but this last set of grips was the first one I've actually worn out with my hands in quite some time.

Here ya go, on a YZ250 though. Windham/Rm mid EVO, Cycra Pro Bend. Gotta get the "+'08 1 1/8" ProTaper" bar clamps.


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