is my Yami "Tall " ?

I have a 2011 yz 450..i love it !! A friend or 2 ( both honda riders ) commented how tall or high the seat is ??

to me feels same as every Yami i have had !! This being my fourth ....anyone get that kind comment about theirs ???

Mine feels the same as all my other yamahas too.

My experience has been that the same. Any time a Non-Yamaha guy rides my bike they comment about how tall it is.

IMO Yamaha & Kawasaki fell larger/taller, while the Honda & Suzuki fell lower and more compact.

Maybe that person doesn't have their sag setup correctly.

Maybe that person doesn't have their sag setup correctly.


I owned a 2006 YZ 250F and also noticed this tall feeling in the saddle of my bike after riding some of my buddies bikes like KTMs and Suzuki. I know you are asking about the new 450, but maybe it is a Yamaha trait.

i have a 2006 crf 450 with step seat and 2011 yz 450 both bikes are the same hight give or take a 1/8 "

If you have a 27" tall rear tire that travels 12" from full extension, and clears the fender by a quarter inch at full stroke, that leaves you 1 3/4" for a fender and a seat if you want to keep it fairly flat and hold it to 39". They're all about the same minus the sag.

how do you like the 2011 yami?

27 inch tire?

Not a 27" rim, but yes a 27" tall tire. 19" at the rim/bead, then approx. another 4" on both the top and bottom for knobs and tire carcass.

Bingo! Set it at around 100mm and it could "lower" the bike quite a bit if the rider has only 3" sag. Now if the bike has too much sag to begin with - say 115mm - and you set it up properly, even to 105mm, the bike just became over .25 inch taller "taller".

Maybe that person doesn't have their sag setup correctly.

I'm unsure if it's the same height as an 09. But, my buddy's 09 Yami feels a lot shorter than my '10 Kawi..

27 inch tire?
That's how tall your rear tire is, more or less, yes. Why?

my 11 felt tall at first, i picked up a PC link and it dropped almost a full inch...feels perfect now....

How did the PC link change the handling? You also said it dropped the rear height by an inch? Worth the $225?

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