Can the JD Jetting guide be used with the new JD Kit needles?

What codes can I put in my JD jetting guide to approximate the new needles so I can adjust my needle & jets accordingly as temps change. Also what would be the approximate temp change (20 deg or more?) to switch between blue and red needles or just go by how the bike is running. I'm going to start my kit with the JD blue #4, 165MJ and 42PJ. I figure it will be pretty close to my old settings of ELN #3, 168 MJ, 45 PJ (seemed slightly rich) which I changed from this summer to what is in my sig. Can't wait to tear into the carb again and get back out for a ride, haven't had a chance in the last 6 weeks!

The kit has triple taper needles that are not within the guide. The same factors can be used as with single taper needles ELN and ENQ for a guideline on temperature changes. Settings like clip positon would be changed at an increase of 20-25F.



Put those jets in and let us know how it runs. I went to the 38PJ this weekend and the bike lugs better, it was hot and humid and Blue 4 still worked great.

Larsonenza in Gaylord is fouling plugs with the same jetting as mine, not sure why, curious to hear your results. Good Luck.

new honda cr125 r ,het guys what is best plug and jett it for my honda 125 r ,it was fouling up plugs tody think of chaging out jets readimg manual ,does plain flllllll,does playing with air ,needle mixtur help it run better???

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