Spokes, nipples, valve cover, ign cover, fww, ect

1. Does anyone know where I can find colored spokes and nipples? Im looking for red/blk spokes, and red/blk nipples so i can mix the colors up.

2. Is anyone making aftermarket valve covers? Or is the stock replacement the only thing available?

3. What is the best priced Fly wheel weight on the market for a 07 yz450f?

Thank you in advance for any info/advice!!!


I've never heard if an aftermarket head cover for any dirt bike. Why do u want a new one? On my '08 it has a magnesium cover, it doesn't get too much lighter than that.

I wouldn't cheap out on the flywheel. Get a good quality one and the right weight for what u need. I'm guessing you want a heavier one? I've only heard of 1 guy who wanted a lighter one. GYTR and Steahly make good ones.

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