'02 426 superM build

a couple forum members recommended i throw this up as they have got a hold of parts here and there for me for this build. though shes a dinosaur shes pretty hot in my opinion.

slowly but surely. and never building a complete motor like this....

bought this passed around project that was never really finished "right"

i got it with a broken bullet, no brakes, mix matched hubs spacers, and so -on

though it prolly would have been cheaper to save my $$ and purchase a euro 450 with a plate again this bike is kick only and has some flavor/attitude and in all honesty after the ktm and a couple other bikes i have put together the build is almost as fun as riding them.

so here goes....


picked it up one night at 0 dark thirty motor, carb, and misc parts in a box.

put the bike in a corner(at jimmy's) kinda to hide it from my lovely girlfriend who told me i really don't need another project.


got bored at work on day and took the head apart to get a list of parts going.


list made


took a look at this and started to get worried....pulled out the pullers and said well, **** it.


ended pretty well if you asked me. Conn rod bearing was absolutely shot. got the crank sent out to get all trued and a new Conn rod installed.


crank is back. perfect to say the least.


valve train showed up. wow. lots of little pieces.


between the help of grant and Phil (pscook) i was able to locate a clutch basket beings mine had 2 bolt tabs broken off and one about to give.


piston showed up. talk about a piece of art. literally didn't want to put it in the motor...wanted to hang it on the wall. horrible picture but JE makes some damn fine shit.


one day my buddy Derick came by....we started talking and were like *** got most the parts lets see where we can get to. this was the end result.

another package in the mail- cylinder and piston back from bore/plate



was told to wash it down really well with soapy water as there was still some garnet in the water jackets from cleaning it up.

while messing around i came across an beringer 4-pot caliper from my last smr project that i actually got 2 of...looked around for a bracket for a wr/radial caliper found a few here and there. little did i know DRZ e and s model brake parts are direct fit. bead-blasted the drz rotor as it was quite rusty and this was the result of yet another days work.



got off work last-night and figured id at least get the motor to a point where i was waiting for more parts(cylinder head/cams) so i broke out some feeler gauges and file fit the rings, installed piston lubed up the skirt and put the jug one...so here is where that is.


so. still need to get the motor in so i can work on electrical, and get some baseline info for where to set the 40mm carb so it will run for break-in.

as of lastnight the engine is in the frame and getting uber close.

Keep it coming!!! Looks awesome so far! Maniac

motors in.

carb is in- on-

cooling system in place....



waiting for cams to show to fire it off. then off to dragracers to get a rear wheel spacer set made up....

more to come.

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