2004 YZ450F wont kick start

I was out riding the other day for a few hours, stopped for about 10 or 15 mins. to take some videos. When I got back on my bike and went to start it, it took a few kicks, and a couple of times the compression kicked the kicker back at me pretty hard. Then when I got the bike started and just barely let out of the clutch to start moving, there was a pop, or something, and it stalled, then when I tried to kick start it, there was no compression, and kind of a rattling in the top end.... Any idea what might have happened? I didn't have any problems with the bike up until this point...

Check the cam timing.

Pull your sparkplug first and look for signs of damage. If the sparkplug is damaged you probably ate a valve.

Thanks, I'll do that (and hope its just the timing)

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