16 tooth front sprocket - where can I buy?

I am running 15/42 with 17" SM wheels on an '06 WR450, but want to knock down the rpms at 75+ mph. It looks like I'll need to grind away some of the case guard, but from what I searched, other people have done this.

The only references I could find on buying a 16T was Baja Designs (I found nothing on their website) and that a XT/TT 500 sprocket has the same splines (but no info on thickness or offset).

Can anyone point me to a good source to buy a 16 tooth front sprocket? :cheers:

Contact Driven Racing. Tell them I sent you. They either stock it or will make it. Keep in mind it may or may not fit (clearence issues).

Thanks, no doubt it will be tight and I'll want to maintain a trimmed case guard.

OK, Driven Racing's catalog lists the same part# 2058 for both YZ and WR450, but 13-16 tooth range for YZ and 13-15 range for WR. So that tells me the 2058-16 is available.

I'll have to research why the YZ appears to more readily take a 16 tooth, different case or no case guard, or???

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AFAIK, it should be fine. Call Norm at Driven.

Both Sunstar and JT have 16T's available in the TT store. Those are the only two brands I checked. I bought the Sunstar form a local dealer.

I have one on my 06 Wr450 Supermoto and it fits fine. I took a die grinder to my case saver to allow a bit more clearance for mud and debris, but I don't think it was necessary. You just have to put the case saver on at the same time as the chain and sprocket as it won't fit over the chain side plates.

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