GYR-T db test results in Hollister

Got the bike tested over this past weekend with the GYR-T insert, and it passed with flying colors 92 db :D

I can't stress enough on how well this insert works compared to the Vortip, for those of you still running the stock insert go out a pay the 39.95 for the GYR-T, you won't regred it. :)

By the way I had a great time meeting E.G.O., Blue, Larry?, & Fremontguy on Sat. E.G.O. sorry you missed that 1 DB, i'm sure you will pass that thing next time you test. Blue hopefully that rear shock on that CR500 will be fixed :D

FremontGuy, What happened to ya man? we lost you, then came back to the meeting place and you were gone! I hope we did'nt do anything to upset you, we got hung up on 1 of the trails, a young kid ate it coming down a steep hill, and we help get the rest of there family back on the main rd. Lets all ride again real soon :D

Where do you get one from?


You got my number I am game...

Wrsteve I hate my VOR tip, so your saying performance is much better??

Wrsteve I hate my VOR tip, so your saying performance is much better??

To me,

I can feel the difference between the both, mostly in the mid range, it's a little bit louder than the vortip, but as you can see, it still passes with flying colors. Personally I think I wasted my money on the vortip and will never use it again. :)

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