Changing Pipes, a little help wanted

So, im sitting there thinking about my 98 BBR/yzf400...and im thinking, how do i get more power? i have the timing retarded half way between yz,and wr timing, for some bottom in a mean mid hit and decent over rev...then the engine ha been ported, the head flowed (intake and exhaust) and it has (what used to be) a works pipe on was works when it was givin to the previous owner, its essentially a white bros tapered header ported a little, and a shorty e series muffler...but i believe they manufacture those now, anyway..i want a new pipe that will give me MORE top end...i dont use the low end i dont mind little loss...please help me...should i go for a R series? or a Yosh..Dsp? has anyone tried Dubach racings pipe? i know DSP makes the works pipes for factory Yamaha...just a little help needed..what is everyone using, were does it help the power? and how is the quality? Thanx


Eric, I have a pro circuit t-4 with a 2" end cap. It comes with a tapered head pipe and is very high quality, fit perfectly. It took away some of the low end but gave it a strong mid to high end boost with a good hit. I like it but it is very loud. Bobs cycle has the complete system for $355. Good luck. mike

yea im darn sure, me and a very good mechanic talked about it, its pretty much the pipe, its got a ton of bottome, great mid, then has good top, but i need more, as i ride it from the mid to top, i keep the RPMs up so the bottom is no good for me...even when i launch it from the start gate im in the Mids already...just wana see if i can transfer some power here. thanx yall



Are you sure your top end limitations are the cause of the pipe?

I have a big gun SDS system and i had a white bros e-series before it is much more powerful and you get gains mid and high mostly really awesome pipe nice looking too i live in Guam close to the ocean and it doesn't even rust like other pipes and the ceramic coating keeps the temp down.

Originally posted by BBRguy:

..i want a new pipe that will give me MORE top end...i dont use the low end i dont mind little loss...please help me...


I have the Stroker Rev system on my bike. I had it on my 98 YZ400F for two years and like it beter than anything else I have tried. I put it on my 01 426 and got the same results.

It gives the extra top that I really needed for the longer start straight at the track I ride the most. It is ceramic coated and does not rust. I do not know the exact cost but you can contact Stroker via the web at and they will get back with you quickly.


Why don't you gear it up a little to stay in the midrange longer? Isn't the refined timing your're using perhaps contributing to loss of peak HP?


I too use the top end ALOT as you well know (because I can still see the mud in your teeth!) Anyway in order for you bike to get to the top end you have to go through the bottom and mid first...then you are only "topped out" for a few moments! So bottom and mid are the most important (this is what you use to clear SX style jumps, right out of berms) We need to check your cam timing some time (who knows how Gary set it up as)! Sometime bring your bike over to my house and we will set it back to YZ timing. I would keep the set up you have now! But sell your header so me (since mine is bent/creased/wrecked having fun LOL)

Cant wait to ride Saturday @ TX Motoplex hope the rain stays away!



I get my kicks on a 2001' YZ426!

Friendswood, TX

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