2001 WR426 5th gear

Road legal 2001 WR426 UK model, 2300 miles. Just replaced 5th gears and selector fork as jumping out (feels like a misfire). Apparently there have been a few back to the local shop with the same so common fault? The metal doesn't look that hard and it looks like the dogs were only meshing about 50% to start with so it looks like a [@#$%&*!] design fault. Not heavy footed as the lower gears would be shagged and they are like new. Anyone else? Love the bike but can't afford the rebuilds, probably a KTM next time (unfortunately). Let me know

A few guys, me included, had problems with fourth gear in their YZ 426s. My dogs did not get worn however, but I had chips in the load-bearing face of each tooth on both fourth gear wheels.

I think they went with the 4 speed in the new YZ to allow for wider, stronger gear wheels.

You can shim the fifth pinion gear to get more engagement.

This is not an oem thing, just something I learned building turbo GS-1100's a few years back.

A good motorcycle transmission shop can help you build a bullet proof 5sp.

I have had excellent results from R&D.

They don't have a web site but here is their #.

R&D Transmissions 813 725 2446

Yep, the ole 5th gear skip.... I had it on my 01 WR426 after thousands of miles...

5th gear? What's that? :)


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