02' 426 won't start!

Basically i felt something break while i started to kick it over. I had kicked started the bike earlier and the bike ran fine. Don't know quite what broke. Timing chain, key? Was wondering if anyone else has had this happen when kick starting and if so what was it?

Is the engine locked up now?

No, the engine still turns and the compression release still is working. Timing chain is still on as i lifted the cover to look.

Does the engine compression feel normal when you kick it over? Is it making noises in the engine when you kick the engine over? Pull the spark plug and look for damage to the electrode or porcelin insulator.

The engine compression doesn't seem normal. Seems to be easier to kick over. This makes me think its something internal. Well, i pulled of the plug and the cover. Plug seems fine. Everything seems to be turning properly. I will check the timing.

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If you have no compression you will have to pull off the top end.

Hmm, Maybe the chain has skipped a tooth. Timing dots don't seemed to be lined up correctly on the intake side. I will post some pics.

Cam chains don't usually skip teeth unless something is REALLY worn out, and when they do skip teeth it blows the cam timing off far enough to bend the valves.

If it has jumped a tooth or 3 the tensioner may be faulty or the chain may be worn...just jumping teeth is very unusual....be very careful kicking it over when its in such a worrying situation as your most probably aware you can do a silly amount of damage to the valves and even the piston...

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