WR side access airbox on a YZ?

I really had no choice since I had already purchased the parts, but FYI it CAN be done! Just be forwarned.....its A LOT of work to do for the little extra convenience.


The lower left strut of the subframe needs to be cut below the seat bracket and repositioned. The mounting tab for the side plate, left side airbox mounting tab, the chain roller need to be cut off and relocated, and the lower 4" needs to be repositioned to clear the bottom of the airbox. The rear fender will have a small gap at the airbox near the botton left mounting screw that can be filled with weatherstrip or silicone. A lot of cutting and welding!

I suppose the other option would be to buy a WR subframe and modify the lower left strut to mate it fit the YZ frame. You would still have to cut off the WR seat hooks and add a piece for the front of the YZ seat tp hook to.

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