YZ426 vs. KTM 400SX or 520SX

Has anyone been side by side with a KTM racing 4 stroke ? I have been wondering if the KTM 400 or 520 can hang with a 426 flat out. I'm selling my 00 426 and need to replace it. The only bikes currently in the local showrooms are an 01 426, an 01 KTM 400sx or 520sx. I have not been on a KTM but they look like good bikes. Any experience would be helpful and appreciated. Also, what is the best 01 426 new price. I was told $5499 by the dealer here.

You have picked a YZ forum to ask about a KTM. What awnser do you think you will get??

Here is my take:

KTM 400 is about like a XR400 in manners. Obvioslly it is a lot more refined, turns better and has more power than the XR, but it is very cush suspension, and very smooth power. The KTM's have no power hit, just smooth even power from top to bottom. Is the KTM400 faster than the YZ...NO WAY, is the KTM400 as fast as the YZ...NO WAY.

The KTM 400sx is just the best all around trail bike ever with what made it great removed. The starter and the wide ratio tranny.

The YZ is an animal. Not much bottom end, but great mid and top power. Face it, it us a true 4 stroke MX'er. Will the YZ remain king in 2002, probablly, but it will be a new motor just like Honda's 450. If you like 4 stroke power, and like 2 stroke hit, this is your bike.

The KTM520 is the same exact bike as the KTM400 with 120cc extra. Still no e button, or wide ratio tranny. Of course with the 520 the wide ratio tranny is non really needed, as it has so much power you can run it anywhere in the rev range. It is definatlly faster then any 400 or 426 in stock form, especially with YZ stock gearing. Can it keep up on a MX track...maybe with a new triple clamp and $1000.00 worth of suspension tuning. You riding style would have to be pure 4 stroke, as you won't square off corners with any KTM. I think the SX would be a mistake if coming from a YZ.

I have a 98 YZ400 in the garage, with tons of mods for desert racing. I have never ridden a better race bike!! But alas I have a KTM520EXC coming next week:}. I found it in Virginia, and I'm in Arizona so shipping is taking a few more days than I expected. I think I'll just keep them both. The KTM for lazy desert days when I don't want to kick, and convert the YZ back to MX form and learn how to ride on a track.

Good luck



Pretend it's flat and give it the gas.

In my opinion, if you like your YZ and are an aggressive rider then the KTM is not for you. I have ridden both a 400exc and the 520 mxc and was not impressed by either. The 520 with taller gearing was better but still lacked the hit of the YZ. If your wanting to now which is faster then I would say the 520, if you want to know which will get you to the first turn first I would have to say the YZ. Just my opinion!!

Norman 00'426

Thanks for the opinions. I did sell my 00 426 today and may very well get the 01 426 in the morning.

How much were you able to get for the 00? Did it have any mods or goodies?

I've got a 98YZ to sell.


Pretend it's flat and give it the gas.


how much are you going to sell your 98 yz400

for? Could you email me with some information? Thank you in advance,

Jordan :)

I sold my 00 426 for $4500 bone stock. It was a very nice bike and needed nothing.

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