Rekluse for 2010 yz450f

i was looking at maybe getting a rekluse for my 2010 450. I have never used one and wanted to know a little bit about them. Do they last long and take the abuse better than a stock one im kind of hard on the clutch and want something that will last longer.

What kind of riding do you do, and what is it you expect of the Rekluse?

i race motocross and i was wanting to know if it would last longer than a stock clutch because i have to replace a stock clutch about every 2 months

The Rekluse is an auto clutch, designed primarily to relieve the rider of any concerns over brake stalling, or having to worry about feathering the clutch through tight spots, getting caught a gear high, etc. They may or may not extend the life of the clutch, but if you fall into the habit of letting the clutch cover your shifting mistakes, or deliberately running a gear high on your corner exits to avoid a shift (or correcting your gearing, it can actually shorten your clutch life.

With the Rekluse Core EXP or Z-Start Pro, you would need to completely relearn your approach to using the clutch. You let the clutch do the job for you. You can manually override either one.

Frankly, and no offense meant by it, if you are going through a clutch every two months, you really are doing something wrong. Personally, with the extraordinarily wide power curve of a YZ450, I fail to understand why someone riding MX would really ever even bother with the clutch.

are you looking ath the EXP rekluse ?? i have one and love it . yest it will last much longer then the stocker because u will not have to use it as much . u will find u r self railing corners with more momentum. i hardly use my clutch any more now that i have the EXP

Rekluse Core EXP is designed to stand up to the stress of agressive riding and racing.

Heat is what kills clutches. When the rider uses the clutch alot comming out of corners, the human is generally inconsistant. We pull in, the rpms come up, we let out, the rpms go down, we pull in, the rps come up and so on. This builds heat.

A Rekluse Core EXP clutch engages so smooth and consistantly that it doesn't create the heat. For a lot of riders who traditionally go through clutches fast, the Rekluse will extend your clutch life.

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