2000 yz426f

Hey everyone, I'm a bit new to this section of thumper talk. I'm an avid yz250f rider and i've been offered the chance to be a 2000 yz426 for $600. The bike is in excellant shape. You couldn't ask for a better owner. The PO had it heat sieze, so he did a complete top end job. I kinda thaught at that time, the crank was junk, but he didn't replace it because it freed up. Anyway, the bike ran for about 3 minutes before it siezed again. Me, being a friend of the owner, he decided to give up and buy a newer 450, so he offered the bike to me for $600. I'm definetely buying it and plan on rebuilding the complete engine, but am wondering is there anything i need to know about the 426? It has a auto-decomp cam, so starting should be easy.

Here's a pic of the bike



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