2000 yz426f

Hey everyone, I'm a bit new to this section of thumper talk. I'm an avid yz250f rider and i've been offered the chance to be a 2000 yz426 for $600. The bike is in excellant shape. You couldn't ask for a better owner. The PO had it heat sieze, so he did a complete top end job. I kinda thaught at that time, the crank was junk, but he didn't replace it because it freed up. Anyway, the bike ran for about 3 minutes before it siezed again. Me, being a friend of the owner, he decided to give up and buy a newer 450, so he offered the bike to me for $600. I'm definetely buying it and plan on rebuilding the complete engine, but am wondering is there anything i need to know about the 426? It has a auto-decomp cam, so starting should be easy.

Here's a pic of the bike



Bike looks great - you'll love it once you get it going!

Not sure about the level of rebuild you're going to have to do, as I've not had to do it!

My money is on the lower rod bearing. I've got an 02 in the garage that I bought and had to have the crank rebuilt on for this very reason.

Well, what ever it may be, I plan on fixing it right. I've rebuilt a few yz250f's, so it can't be much differant. I'm hoping I don't need the whole crank, there pretty pricy. The PO just dumped $500 into a new top end that included a new cylinder, so the bike should be good to go for a while after i'm done with it. I may replace the valves also, there origionals. What's the life expectancy on the 426 valves? Sorry, i'm a vet when it comes to 250f's, but a noobie with the 426.

You can get a versah rebuilt kit for the crank on Ebay for like 100 dollars. Then you can send it out to get it rebuilt. I would get new valves just for the peace of mind also. You can get a complete OEM kit that includes everything for about 150 on ebay also

As far as the crank goes, I can get stock parts just as cheap. i saw complete valves kits for 200. If you know where there is one for 150, could you send me the link?

whoops, i lied about the price on the valve kit. The price of it keeps on going up and up. But the versah kit is the cheapesr ive found. Ive been running it in my bike with no problems. Unless you get a good deal on OEM parts

i'm just shopping servicehonda...I have to rip the bike apart before i can even decide what I have to buy. I guess the only thing that would stop me from reusing the crank would be the timing chain sprocket

It could just be the crank bearings or the big end bearing, I just bought a HotRods kit for 280 no complaints came with everything I needed. I've just gotta go buy another one now since the wiseco crank in my 134 failed :ride: good luck Valve life for 2000 YZ426's is GOOD because they still used steel valves. As long as the valves aren't using some very small shims you should be good to go... :cheers:

Id Buy it in a heartbeat. Looks good. Even if they dont have the ADC they start like butter as long as you give it some love:)

I don't think hot rods makes any crank parts for the 426. I'm definitely buying it. I should have it by Friday. Can't wait to get this project rolling, literally...

If its the lower rod bearing like I suspect, it ended up costing me $200 to get it fixed. About $100 for the rod kit (Vesrah) and $100 for the shop labor. Plan on spending at least another $100 for bearings in the cases as well. Hopefully your crank bearings are okay, those are proprietary and about $50 each from Yamaha. All the others can be cross referenced, and I may have the cross references around some place still.

I'll probly replace all the bearings, just because the bike is 11 years old, that way the motor will be completely fresh and like new. It should be good to go for a while after that. I found a hotrods crank bearing kit on ebay, but no cranks. I plan on doing whatever I have to make it perfect again.

Well, I just picked up the 426 and it's immaculate...the pictures don't do any justice. I'm gonna get this thing torn apart by thursday so I can order all my parts on Friday. Can't wait!!!

Here's a couple pics of the new to me 2000 yz426 i baught for $600.


The new 426f shown with my 05 250f


Gotta do a little motor work and slap my numbers on and i'll be good to go.

Looks pretty good, good luck with the rebuild.

Looks like we'll be doing the same this weekend... I have to split my cases on my 125 . :thumbsup:

I'm doing mine this afternoon...I did my yz250f and about 4 others over the winter, there not too bad. Just take your time, lay your parts out and pay attention to every little detail while reassembling.

I'm doing mine this afternoon...I did my yz250f and about 4 others over the winter, there not too bad. Just take your time, lay your parts out and pay attention to every little detail while reassembling.

I DEFINITELY know how to replace cranks :thumbsup: I built this bike from the ground up and work on bikes on the side. :thumbsup:


Well, the yz426 is officially in pieces...The engine is stripped, the frame is stripped...I have to put a new rod in the crank, some new seals, then i'll be good to go. I'm also powdercoating the frame yz blle and the engine covers black. I built my 250f up last year. You can see it above, it's on the left. Now, it's the 426's turn.

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