weight? ergos?

im buying a new bike and i am hoping to get a 426. i was wondering if the stock suspension would be too stiff for me, i am 155lbs. and if the ergonomics would be too cramped, i am 6'1" and i have heard that the YZ is cramped. Also, i was wondering what kind of hop-ups and aftermarket kits any one has, and what they have done to help you and/or your bike. thanks.

According to race tech the springs stock are for a 200lb rider, but that sure seems heavy for stock. As far as the ergos, If you think it feels cramped you can get the Scotts triple clamp, bar package with adjustable bar location.

Good Luck


Pretend it's flat and give it the gas.


I'm at 145 lbs and the springs are just fine, for the riding position I have a set of Vortex clamps and it open up the cockpit quite a bit, but some likes the stock position also.


Elan, you are the perfect weight for the suspension. Do not change a thing except for the occasional oil (forks & shock) Valve only for personal comfort. Get rid of the stock bars & top triple clamp, for more room & adjustment for your height. You will be a happy biker

I echo what the other guys posted. There are many aftermarket pieces to choose from to make the bike suit your personal tastes. Most riders ditch the stock handlebars for something like Pro Tapers(with a matching triple clamp)...or Renthals. The stock chain and sprockets are usually substituted soon for stronger units. A new and intesting upper triple clamp is a unit from Oberg. The bar clamps fit inside deep grooves that arrange front to back so that you can position your bars as far forward ...or back as you'd like. Great concept! If you can afford it, I'd recommend using race fuel and jetting accordingly. VP C-12 is a good choice that isn't exorbitantly expensive. Philips B35 is another good choice. Change your oil VERY often....keep a clean air filter on(and don't ride right after installing a fresh filter) and you will really enjoy this machine.

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