brake light for xr650r

In idaho I only need a brake light to be legal for highway use. Can the running light be changed to a duel element? If not what is the cleanest rear light I can use?

I haven't done it but it appears simple to convert the stock rear light to a dual element brake light. I've seen kits that run from 19.95-29.95 to keep the stock rear lense cover and convert the guts of it to a brake light. I haven't done it so I don't know how the quality turns out that will be up to those who have tried it.

I know I have seen other companies that carry it but this is the first to come to mind b/c I saw it browsing their site yesterday, sells all sorts of dual sports kits AND they also sell the parts individually to those that need it. I'm sure you can talk to their staff and they can hook you up with something to get you to work. I've only delt with them once but was real happy with the customer service they provide. If you look at the "I called XR's Only" post people complain of one company but praise Baja Designs for their service.

Maybe this will point you in a helpful direction.


Scott Summers has just what you are looking for. :)

XR Brake Light Kit Part # 1681 $38.95

It's down near the bottom of the page.

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