Gas Tank Cracked! Any good repairs?

Cracked by the seat base. Has anyone successfully made a repair? Can you tell me how? I've read about melting an old fender into the crack, however I can't see melting it without burning it and creating ash which is not good for a repair... To be honest with you, I'm looking for a full how-to on this. I figure it's worth a try before buying a new one.

I have had to do tank and fender repairs before. I would recommend using some J B weld to fix it. It has no ash like you were saying and bonds things together extremely well.

Buy a new one. you can get an IMS 3.0 gallon tank for $129.00. thats better than having to wonder all of the time if your gas is dripping out, and then of course, youll soon have to re-do the JB weld: since it is very hard and unforgiving it will get stress cracks.

Yamaha will warranty the tank if its not too old. They replaced my '00 tank after about 6 mos.

I also had the tank on my '98 crack at the same spot.

First, nothing and I mean nothing you can buy will stick to or seal the crack due to the flex and the gasoline!

I tried everything!

Take it to a place that does plastic welding, I found 3 in the yellow pages (look under plastic fabricators) and 1 ( that would attempt the repair with no guarantee. It took the guy about 30 min. to weld it up and it never leaked again.

He did say it is best to use the same plastic but didn't on mine.

Good Luck!!!!

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TOLL FREE 866-782-4600

OUTSIDE USA 818-782-4600

Does anyone know any aftermarket tanks that are NOT HUGE? As in same size as the OEM - I do not need the additional fuel capacity, plus I like the look of the original size tank. I checked Clarke, ect., but thay are all much larger.

I've worked in the plastics industry for years - NOTHING can be done to permanently fix polypro. Although it is very impact resistant, nothing will stick to it (this is basically the stuff superglue bottles are made of). If you get something to stick or repair in some manner, it will only be temporary. A new/used tank provides a well needed iece of mind.




I cracked mine last fall starting at the bottom of the oil fill tube all the way to the cap and half way around. I used part of an old fender and melted it into the tank to fill the gash. It looks terrible, still leakes around the cap because I screwed up the threads, but it lasted all winter w/ riding 2-3 times a week in the snow. I just got a used tank, but Im not going to put it on yet because the old one is still holding. My whole bike is a big weld. I've welded both of the shrouds and front fender with success. I also have a plastic welder, but I think its easier to use a soldering iron.

When welding it make sure you melt the plastic all the way through the crack and use your old plastic piece to fill in the gash. Just go real slow only welding about an inch at a time. The plastic doesnt seem to burn as there is no ash. When finished the color will be the same and still flexible.


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