2003 yz450 woods weapon?

i am interested in buying a 2003 yz450 that looks to be in mint condition. i was wondering if it would would be a good hare scramble bike after making all the necessary modifications for off eastern off road racing/riding? i do race 250B and i am a big guy so i can handle aggressive power.

I'm sure it could be made into a good hare scramble bike, but a 250 2 stroke might be more what you're looking for. If you do get the 450, i think a flywheel weight and different gearing would help a lot. I'm sure you know of the other things that you'd need for a good woods weapon.

i have an '03 YZ450F and i pretty much only ride trails. The problem i used to have with my bike is i would stall all the time in the slow tight turns or up steep rock hill climbs. I would also suffer serious arm pump in my left arm from having to constantly use the clutch. I just purchased a Rekluse z-Start Pro and I no longer stall my bike trail riding and I no longer suffer arm pump. I think my bike NOW is a much better trail bike than before.

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