How many wr450s is enough?

Somehow, this spring I ended up with first a basket case ktm 520, and then a nice minty mint xr650L. Both bikes too tall for me, and neither bike suited me otherwize. So, through the magik of craigslist, and trading,, I have now got a second wr450, 2003 model! My first is a super moto specific bike. Was going to put dirt wheels on it, but the suspension is modified for street specific riding. So, this new to me wr is a dirt only model,, not even titled. Its got some nice bling like full fmf exhaust, wave rotors, fancy seat, frame guards, shark fin,, rebuilt forks...Seems pretty nice,, a bit of top end noise,,, needs valve adjustment? Anyway,, this is really cool, due to being able to mix and match parts. Plus, I can add the street legal parts to the dirt bike,, get it titled,, and then switch back,, and have 2 titled bikes! So, I hope these 03 models are a good bet for long term ownership. I think Im stuck with em... After all the bartering it took to get them,, I am definitely upside down in terms of resale value. Good news is both bikes are un corked,, and both have the starter update,, both have good tires, chains sprockets, no leaks, fire off easily, idle well, no bog...good starting point! Will get pics asap.

Schwaaaeeeettttt..... ...but bad news. Two isn't enough. Why stop now ?

I've got some bad news for you. Two, is one too many. While you ride one, the other will get jealous, and then the next time you ride it, it'll spit you off on your head. It's better if you just simply get rid of it to someone less fortunate, like me!!! Just trying to help!!! Maniac

My solution... Cover the other one's eyes so it can't see you taking the other one out to ride.

It worked when I was younger and was dating two women. ...but eventually what you described happened exactly.

I s'pose you could introduce them and maybe they'll want to both ride you. Errrummmm... ....want you to ride them both !

...or maybe a double date ? Like the doublemint twins !

...and Maniac, I have one for you. :thumbsup:


How many wr450s is enough?

I once asked an old timer (even older than me) much firewood I should keep at my lakefront cottage property....his answer was...

"Too much wood is not enough"

Ahhhh...the wisdom of old age!!

I was thinking,,, perhaps a dual sporterized version with dot legal knobbies to compliment the collection. Then perhaps an adventure touring model with street tires on stock wheels,, and a big wind screen....then a DAKAR version...

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