Too Tall

Does anyone have any info regarding lowering the seat height? At 5'8", I am a little vertically challenged and this bike seams to be a bit taller than other bikes. The extra height and extra weight has led to some bullsh&t slow going tip overs.



First take off the seat cover...then use a palm sander to remove the amount of foam you wish take off (this will lower the seat height)! An inch of foam does alot to the seat height and only takes about 30 mins to finish the job. And the best part about it is FREE!



I get my kicks on a 2001' YZ426!

Friendswood, TX

i took 20mm out of the rear subframe diagonals, this lowered the rear end by 1 1/2". this helped on rollover bumps more than standing up etc. i hope to have some photo's of the work on the WR side in the next two weeks.

the above, as well as narrowing the seat foam sound good.

i could have lowered the seat by 1/2" at the front if i'd just taken out the above mentioned metal & welded it back up. instead i opened the 'v' up with little slits with a hacksaw & then rewelded to get the bolt holes to line up nice.

all i needed to do (only????) was cut 20mm-25mm out (as above) & then weld a suitable mount for the front top subframe bolt lower by 10mm. this would have put the bolt hole in line with the top of the shock bolt but just behind it.

at the present my airbox has been lowered 10mm & still it all lines up nice. you would then have to modify the front of the seat where it moves onto the tank, but i think 10mm would make one helluva difference.

my mod cost me nothing because i did all the work myself. if you know someone who does welding on a saturday morning etc you'll knock this up for nothing. peanuts.

would just leave some spray paint & the seat.


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