oil screen

Hi guys I could do with some advice here I have just pulled out the oil screen from the bottom of the frame on my 2004 WR450 only to find the screen is damaged .What do you think I would rather pull the screen off but does the bike need it to run safe.

Thanks Jono

Jono, I think you would be fairly safe without the screen. I think Yamaha put it in there mostly to stop welding slag from the frame being put together at the factory from finding it's way into the engine. I've never seen anything trapped in mine, and I've been riding the fourstroke Yamaha's since '98. Maniac

Whatever would most likely have passed through from initial break-in has already done so. Seems like, in a good condition bike, I have only ever found light flecks of metal or rtv gasket in my other bikes, then never again after the first cleaning. It could help prevent additional crap from going through your system if something were to fail and produce some debris.

The other side of the coin is the screen getting plugged and preventing oil flow thru the engine (happened on a buddies XR600) which is catastrophic.

I'd personally put one in and check it every now and then for piece of mind, plus it's a good indicator that something is going wrong if debris starts to show up. Cheap insurance.

You can run without it on a 7 year old bike. Anything that would have come loose and got caught in that filter happened a long time ago.

But, just to be safe, replace the screen, put it in, and never touch it again. I haven't looked at mine in years.

Thanks for the info, I thought that having little bits of mesh coming lose would do far more damage. I have had a look in the manual and it looks like the oil goes into the frame after going through a wire mesh sump filter and then drops down to the oil pump so most stuff should have been held in the sump.

Thanks again it's nice to see what every one thinks, just time to go and ride now .


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