Tire prices

Just curious why there is such a diffrents in tire prices.

For example a Dunlop756 in Colorado

Rockymountainmc.com $46.99+$8.00 shipping = $54.99

Performance Cycle (Local joint)$59.99

Vickery Yamaha (Yamaha Dealer)$70.99

Boulder Yamaha (Colo Power sp)$99.99

It is obvious where I buy my tires but what the hell. Why is there such a diffrents??? To me, If I owned a dealship I would more or less sell tires for cost to attrack people to come in to my store for other things.

Sweet! I dint know rocky mountain was so cheap. I know where Im getitng my new couple tires. :)

Hey Milk just make sure that you check on what the shipping costs are. I looked into selling tires and found out that alot of these guys are selling the tires for only a few bucks over cost, but where they make there money is in shipping. But generally I get everything through Rocky Mountain.

Try www.motosportoutlet.com they have free shipping if you spend $100.00. You usually need two tires anyway, and they have 2-tire deals. :)


Good luck, I tried ordering a set of tires from them and the guy told me that they wouldn't ship east of the rockies.


When I lived in Denver, I bought almost everything from Donny at Performance. I've still ordered things and had him send it to me. His prices are very competetive.

Rocky Mountain gets volume discounts so they can afford to charge you less.

Vickery, Fay Myers, etc. charge what they want and it's worked for them for years. Why change? If people are dumb enough to spend the extra cash there it's their own fault. My local Yamaha dealer charges $800 for freight and setup on a new WR. It blows me away that people buy from them.

Edareus just called Rocky mountain and they have no problems with shipping anywhere in USA.

cool. Thats good to hear.

I know tires do cost a lot to ship. The_Blue_One shipped me a Dunlop from CA to MO and it cost him $21 !!!

So Im not sure they are really making that much money (if any) in the shipping.

Hey I just talked to a buddy and when it comes to tires you may also want to shop for the best advertised deal including shipping then call Dennis Kirk. If you have a Dennis Kirk catalog look at the tire section on the top you will notice that they will guaranty to beat any advertized price inluding shipping by a buck. Never noticed that untill today.

You know, this is how I look at that.

If they want my business they will advertise the tires at their best price. I dont think its right to have to shop around yourself and then give them (DK) the business to save $1. They are going to have to do a LOT better than $1 to get my business.

I will buy from the guy that has the best advertised price.

But thanks for the head up comp182. :)

Great place for tires www.swmototires.com I get my Metz M1's (120/70-17 & 180/55-17) there for $203 shipped!!!! AND I usually get them within 3 days. :) Also check out ronayers as they have good prices also.

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