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I run Rancho RS9000's on my blazer and love them. They are 5-way adjustable. I've had them now for about 4 years now with no problems. They are a little pricy but no more than the Bilsteins and well worth it IMO.

If you have the TRD off-road package and it is similar to the package offered on the tacoma 4x4 (I've got that one), then the stiffer sway-bar in the front may have something to do with the ride being rough. Also check the tire pressure. If you have the offroad tires then the standard 32psi may not be the right pressure (the manual for the truck will have the recommended pressure). I made the mistake of pumping mine to 32psi when I first got the truck and the ride was very noticably rougher. Hope this helps..

Originally posted by dirtdad:

I run Rancho RS9000's on my blazer and love them.

I like the Rancho's too. They are a nice mix for on/off road.


sirthumpalot is right about the tire pressure, I have a ZR2 S-10 with Bilstein's and BFG T/A's. It had 35 psi. in them when I got it and rode harsh, dropped them to the recommended 30 psi and the ride improved alot. I think you would get better performance out of the Ranchos, the Bilsteins are still harsh on off-road chop.

A little off the subject, but I'm thinking you guys would have some great input into this.

I have a 2000 Tundra with the optional from-the-factory Bilstein shocks. I've ran Bilsteins on some of my cars in the past with great succcess, but these particular ones suck.

Any recommendations on really good shocks that offer a good compromise of handling between loaded and unloaded?

Thanks in advance.

I am about to purchase a 2001 Toyota Tacome PreRunner v6 TRD...extended cab...anything you toyota guys could tell me that i might need to do when i get it home? thanx.


Check the tire pressure, put some wax on it and take the time to break it in. If you're going to be pulling a boat, etc.. then check out the locking rear differential option. Could come in handy on slippery ramps.

Assuming you'll be doing your own maintenance and the engine is setup similar to the 99, changing the oil filter is a bit of a pain, it is well worth the investement to get one of those good filter wrenches which fit on the end of a socket wrench. Maybe since yours will not be 4x4 it will be easier to get to. I highly recommend removing the lower rock guard under the engine to keep oil from dripping on it when you unscrew the filter. Also invest in some of those long socket extensions which swivel (not the UV joint kind, but ones which have rounded ends) and get a spark plug socket with a good rubber insert. This makes changing the spark plugs a snap. If you are going to grease the drive shaft ("propeller shaft" in the manual) on schedule then the manual recommends some special moly grease for one of the joints (it has fittings, very easy to grease). I found it at an oil distributer but had to buy a case (enough for 2 lifetimes) so if you need a tube let me know and I'll mail it to you for free just to get a tube out of my garage. :D Well this is probably to much info, especially for a dirtike message board but I hope this helps. I've got a 99' tacoma 4x4 v6 with about 45k miles on it now and it's been great. I would buy the same truck again if I had the choice. Be sure to bring home one of those TRD catalogs so you can drool over the cool add-ons, such as the TRD supercharger. :)

Thanks for the input guys.

I forgot to mention that the biggest problem is lack of rebound on the rear. With three bikes in the back, it's a real spring-board. Even without bikes, it's a problem.

And it turns out that Rancho doesn't make them for this vehicle, yet.

Perhaps I'll wait, unless you guys have any thoughts on the higher-end Bilstein units.


RIGHT ON! thanx for the advice, i cant wait to get my truck, im really stoked.MAN! it comes in next week. The only thing im not looking forward to is the 400 dollars a month i gotta pay for it! AGH! but its worth it, my YZF will look NICE in that baby!thanx for the advice.


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