I am new to the list .

Just bougth a 99´WR 400 havent ride it yet , i keep hearing comments that this bike has trouble re starting when hot , its this true ? if so , any tips in solving the problem ? Thanks in advance for your advice ,


No. My bike has never been hard to start. Its just a technique you need to learn. If the valves are adjusted properly you shouldnt have any problem fireing her up. :)

I have never heard of having problems while re-starting the 99WR400 while hot.

In fact, the only time I pull my hot-start switch is after I stall it on a hill, or lay it down. My rule of thumb, is only use the hot-start when you smell gas.

Use the hot-start button on the carburetor when restarting a hot engine and don't turn the throttle. Every time you turn the throttle the accelerator pump squirts fuel and will flood your bike quickly (the biggest mistake for new riders here).

For your cold-start procedure, turn the throttle 1 or 2 times to squirt fuel and prime the engine. Then don't turn it again until the bike is running.


Only had to use the hot start on 90 + degree days when I have stalled after extended periods of slow riding. Other than that 1-2 kicks every time. The starting procedure scares off more people than it should IMO.

:cry:No worries, once you get the technique figured out, you will never buy anything but blue...

Thank U ALL for your kind replies.!!


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