AIS removal on an 07 - super cheap

I was going to purchase the GYTR AIS removal kit for my 450. after looking at it and seeing the cost was mostly for the jets that everyone recommends you dont use, I went into the garage to see for myself. it was so easy and believe it or not I had everything in my garage to mimick the kit!

I had to make the cover plate from 1/8" aluminum that I had but manipulating aluminum is fairly easy, the rubber caps (thread protectors I just happen to have.

so now I need to jet for my altitude and I should be good.

if anyone needs a kit let me know, I have all the stuff for a couple of them.


What did you do for the throttle stop? Cut it off?

I would be interested, I just purchased an 07' Wr450 and was looking at any alternatives for the ais removal. shoot me an email at

I will likely use a jd kit for jetting, but just want a simple kit for ais removal. thanks , Jason

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