Package tracking

Don't you just love tracking your goodies across the country on UPS website?

My pro-tapers, grips and handguards left Salt Lake City at 2:19 AM this morning, enroute to WA state. WoooooHoo!


Yeah sure...What I hate is their hefty "brokerage fee" charged on items shipped from USA to Canada. The postal system is incredibly cheaper and just as efficient.

The postal service is cheaper, but they are not as efficient IMO. You get what you pay for, UPS guarantees the time in transit and the packages are automatically insured for $100. They both do a good job until they loose or damage something, then you get see good or bad they are to work with. Just necessary evils...

I ship UPS all the time and rarely is a UPS package ever lost. If it is you can file a claim and as stated above everything is mininum $100.

USPS is a lot cheaper but then again theres no guarantees there... I guess it depends on the value of what you ship on wether or not I ship USPS.

Watched package hit Hermiston, OR yesterday, and then Seattle last night. Then hit Bremerton 5:00 this morning, and scanned :D"Out for Delivery" :Dat 7:00 am. Damn, what time does that UPS truck come around? Supposed to go riding around 2:00 pm, will I have time??? WANT MY GOODIES!!! :D :D :)

What in the world has this got to do with Aliens Crashing in Roswell New mexico :)

Geez next your gonna start posting about some actor trying to be Gov of California :D

Ive been tracking the head off my 99 yz400. Its on its way to Engine dynamics to get repaired. Should be there tomorrow. Yipee!

Although I did insure it for $1100.... Maybe it would be a good thing if they lost it??? :)

Your right it is great being able to follow your package. That is until you get home expecting to find your parts and no parts. So you log on and track it and it says that your package was undeliverable. GRRRRRR. JUST DROP IT AT THE DOOR!!!

My goodies showed up right when they said (less than 96 hours after I ordered from rocky mtn mc, standard shipping).

Only problem was, stuff got here 1130 am, was supposed to meet some guys to ride at 2:00. See my dilema (sp?)? So, of course I decided it should only take about an hour to mount bars, risers and grips. That is until my bike ate one allen wrench (had to take bike half apart to find it), and then when all done, went to load up the bike, and wouldn't start. Seems I twisted the throttle too many times whilst doing all this junk, and now I had to tear it apart again to change plug... Grrr...

So, guess who was running a tad late for the ride? Only a few minutes, but I really hate being late. :) Damn UPS guy anyway!

hey man

i work at UPS loading trucks early in the morning and i am actually suprised ur package got there as early as it did. usually the drivers don't get to residential till after their lunch break unless its air and has a committed delivery time. if u reaklly wanted the package earlier u can "will call" your package and go to the UPS ware house and pick it up when they open around 9 then u wouldhave had alot of time to work on ur bike unless youlive really far away from the UPS ware house. but i am glad you got ur parts. just be sure everything is packaged well becuse just like any delivery service there are incidents of heavy boxes falling on smaller ones and people accidentally steppin on boxes but thats everywhere. goodluck guys


In my hood if you are expecting a UPS ground package it usually dosent show up until 2-3pm.

So as aliveinmyode said, you got lucky! :)

I usually get stuff from UPS right around noon. FedEx cames between 3:00pm - 5:00pm a whole lot less predictable.

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