new seat cover

I am looking to get a new seat cover and am wondering if anyone has any inputs on which kind is the best. I am looking for one of the grippy types. I have seen them from Ceet, One, Factory Effex, Moose and Graphic MX (as well as a few others). Any ideas? Thanks

I like the ones that are all black. No fancy graphics on the side. I'm running ONE IND. on the DRZ and works nice. The XR is still stock.

at first I didnt think that having a grippy seat would make that much of a difference but me and my dad went down to a local dealer a few days ago and they said it makes the world of difference....even more if you have a hard hit when you get on it so you wont slide back! id say go with the gripper seat! :)

Hi I run a moose seat its soo grippy when sitting down going up big hills it wants to pull your riding pants off. it also gives you something to grip when using your knees the stock ones suck :)

IS it just me or do gripper seats give big time monkey butt after 4-5 hours in the saddle? I had to go back to stock after mid week deep reachs' to pick scabs off my :D well nevermind...they help ya control the bike, but not the way to go for longer rides IMO. :)


you need to stay on the pegs brutha. :)

but really, i'm with you. had a gripper seat once and didn't like it. it blew a seam and i went back to the stock seat and realized my style is better suited if i'm able to slide around on the bike more.

one thing is for sure. i pulled a total squid move last week after i had my bike tore down. i had new plastic and graphics and some new bits after doing a valve and greese job. so i was sitting in the garage and was like "yeah, i'm gonna armor all this baby up so it's all shiny...."

bad mistake. i may as well of iced the thing. i swear a couple of time i had slid so far back on the bike my butt was riding on the fender.

had to stop and grab a handfull of dirt and mixed it with water from my drink system and covered the thing until i got some traction back...

oh, and a good way to avoid monkey butt is to wear the lycra riding shorts from evs and take speed stick and run a couple of laps with it around your legs and butt cheeks. best fix i've found so far.

bag balm for after the ride...


I am gonna try that trick with the balm on my butt this weekend at the 300. Glad we could share....! ITs true i do sit down a lot-but with ironmanning these long races ya sort of have to develop a sit down style. plus i am old!

I did that with armor all on the seat once. Ridiculous.

What about racing and peeing? Anyone care to go there??!!



What about racing and peeing? Anyone care to go there??!!

This truly IS a full-service Forum covering ALL aspects of owning & racing thumpers. :)

I, uh...have seen 'dew on the vinyl' before. :D

gonna have to look though my files. I saw a "urination device" that basically was a kind of sticky condom one applied in the old timey way. There was a hose on the appliance that ran down you leg, exiting just above the heel of your foot. It was advertised for motorcyclists and New Orleans Mardi Gras goers!!! There was a feminine model as well!! Found it!!!!

Remember, I didnt start this!!!!!!!!!!


Must be destiny at work.... My brother has a 2001 XR400. It has a Factory FX seat cover and he says it's too grippy. Claims it rips the hair outa his...uh... you know. Anyhow, If anybody has a new or gently used stock seat cover and wants to swap let me know. Also he and I both got biking shorts with the crotch panel before our last ride...HOLY COW WHAT A DIFFERENCE! Best $15.00 I have ever spent. You'll stay dry downstairs... Nuthin' worse than sweat soaked tidy whities wadded up in your crotch(now theres a mental picture for ya :))

OK! Here goes:

I was about 150 miles into the off-road Vegas to Reno race, and I had been battling, i mean battling two others on XR650Rs for like 100 miles--wfo as fast as i could go. I managed to pass em both, but -- yeah the urge to purge was upon me. No way in hell i was going to eat the dust of those two guys while i 'pulled over'. :D It was the Vegas to Reno, and i had prepared by drinking water for 2 days straight. I gotta tell ya, it was a liberating expereince! Stand tall, look back--ya dont wanna get passed 'in the act' and wait for some reasonably smooth terrain. God that felt good. RELIEF! :D And the cooling effect was nice to... Hey- it was June in the Great Basin.

About 15 minutes later I got off the bike in 5th gear. Highsided on a dry lake bed swithing ruts! Bike landed on top of me in talc like powder. I limped on for 150 miles but pulled into pit 9 and called it a day. :) I just rode up to a pickup truck at the pit and asked if i could spend the race with them and get a lift to Reno. Sure.

All the way to Reno the guys girlfreind kept asking about 'that smell'. I'd just look out the window and smile.

But now i know about the sneakyleaker!!!

Turns out they even have a moto version. Check it out all you gear heads. Gear heads? Theres a joke in there somewhere. Anyway. Wow. Someone actually makes this. I am blown away. :D

gotta go,


Glad to have been helpful for you in those occasional "mobile nature breaks". :)

Gee, I wonder if they come with stickers?

Maybe for the trailing edge of the rear fender, as a warning? :D



{sometimes I kill me!!!} :D


I had heard of these, but didn't know ehre to aquire them. Gonna have to pick one up for LA Barstow to Vegas. :)

I prefer the SneakerLuber brand. I drink a quart of olive oil before a big ride and when I relieve myself I lube my chain at the same time. :D

I don't recommend the SneakerPooper though, tends to get on the tire and you lose traction. Also tends to stink a bit when it splatters on the exhaust. But on the other hand, people tend not to draft you so close. :)


When you come out here to ride I WILL be in front. :) The roost from a BRP takes on a whole new meaning when riding behind you. :D


No Problem. I'm sure I'll be riding behind you for awhile, Mr Speedy. Not sure if I want to ride with your bro either, think the two of you'll put me to shame. Haven't ridden in the woods for about 9 years. Been spoiled in the dessert with the 50-mile visibility.

Hope to have my new house squared away in a few weeks and then I can get the pig out the storage unit. Poor thing probably thinks it's been abandoned.

Any good events/rides from Mid Sept on in your neck of the woods?

Hope to link up soon.


I am looking to get a new seat cover and am wondering if anyone has any inputs on which kind is the best. I am looking for one of the grippy types. I have seen them from Ceet, One, Factory Effex, Moose and Graphic MX (as well as a few others). Any ideas? Thanks

Try the one made by "Guts Racing". I bought mine from Baja Designs, and liked it so much that I have them on both my XR and my KTM. They're grippy, but not so grippy that they pull your pants down when you try to slide on the seat, and no "monkey butt", either. :) Makes for a nice, comfy all-day seat.

I'll echo the advice that some of the other guys gave... wear padded bicycle shorts beneath your riding pants. It seriously improves the comfort level and totally eliminates the dreaded monkey butt.

Thanks Mac. I will give it a try.

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