CR450f on Honda site!!

Hey Guys,

I just checked out the new Honda site. They have all of the specs etc on the CR450f. $6299 retail!! Ouch that's steep. It looks pretty cool, Admitedly though, I am not the mechanical type so I don't really know what I am looking at other than a a bitchin new 4 stroke.

Looks like the 426 is now available in red.

When's it going to be in the showroom? I hope this doesn't make the value of my YZ go down!! I'll wait to see how these things do on the track before I consider trading in the YZ. I'm going to laugh when the Honda dealers become full of YZ400/426 trade in bikes!!



When in doubt, GAS IT!

What are you, YELLOW?

they will be in showrooms in October (too long...)


I get my kicks on a 2001' YZ426!

Friendswood, TX

Does anyone know when the first models are supposed to be available to magazines/publishers for tests? I assume that they will release some to get some press before the bikes are available. I'm also curious to read about how it works in retail trim!

The mags generally do a test on the bikes 1-2 months before the bikes hit showrooms!

I cant wait til Yamaha slaps honda in the face w/a new YZ450F! Im sure the YZ will come out on top performance wise (but reliability is another "?" ) Only time will tell...



I get my kicks on a 2001' YZ426!

Friendswood, TX

How in the hell do you adjust the valves on that rascal? If you look at the site there is a picture of the valve train and I can't see how you would adjust those rascals much less check them with the exception of the single adjusting nut on one of the valve arms. Anyhow, what a beautiful bike, the motor looks simple and I really like the idea of the seperate oil systems for the motor and tranny. Bravo Honda.


PS: I still ain't gettin' rid of my YZF though...

I read in one of the mags the other day that the YZ450F will have a completely different engine.

Anyone clued in on this?

The YZ450F is supposed to have new cases, so hopefully they separated the trans from the crankcase. If Yamaha uses the aluminum frame, and lightens the engine, they will easily compete with the Honda.

Gee Scott F,

No one's even thrown a leg over the new CRF (except for factory riders) and you've already declared it to be better than the YZF. I guees shiney new plastic does that to some people.

Their marketing literature says it weighs FIVE pounds less than what Yamaha's marketing literature says the YZF weighs. Not too much of an advantage there. Honda's horsepower claim is just that. Who knows. I'll wait to see how they work. Yamaha could re-introduce the `98 YZF400 and it would do just fine against the CRF. Just my .02.

Bike looks nice...

specs look incouraging.........

price looks high but it is decent, compared to KTM...........puke!

Remember, this is a first year attempt.....

Soon you will see the good, bad & ugly right here.......

YZF450 has almost 4 to 5 years development/testing time & Yamaha now knows what they have to build to beat it.......

Lets see if they can step up to the plate!


Your assuming that the Honda will have a case of the "Cannondale". Have you ever owned a Honda? I raced Honda's for 13 years before going to big blue. Now, after owning an 00 426 that lost a tranny and clutch with no help from Yamaha, I'd take my chances with an 02 Honda any day of the week. In my opinion, Honda makes some best products on this earth, with incredible attention to detail, ergonomics, and stone reliablility. Since, the last warranty work that Honda did for me in 1987, they gave me a completely new motor after the wrist pin exploded. Known flaw, 6months out of warranty, replace, and keep a life long customer. Oh, and you can't tell me that a 98 YZ 400 would even come close to an 02 CRF any more than you can tell me that the 02 YZ will beat it. Until we see how the CRF is tested, the new YZ is tested, and how they perform in the real world, everything here is open for debate.

Very well said, And I agree with you 100%. Honda is the Bomb!!! I only bought blue because I could'nt wait for honda to kick out with the killer bike. As soon as I can, I will have one of those baby's. (LONG LIVE THE RED!!!) ~Hit-man~

Very well said, And I agree with you 100%. Honda is the Bomb!!! I only bought blue because I could'nt wait for honda to kick out with the killer bike. As soon as I can, I will have one of those baby's. (LONG LIVE THE RED!!!) :) ~Hit-man~

You guys are all crazy! Nobody knows anything about the honda or the "new YZF". I'm not saying that the honda is better and I'm not saying that it isn't. I don't know? All I know is that Honda is not going to put out a bike that isn't competetive. But maybe thats all it is? Just like the two strokers. Honda's are great bikes, but 8 out of 10 mags choose the YZ. Why, Personal preference.

I'll wait and see the results before I say "I'm going to get the honda" or "screw the honda, YZF forever"! The bottom line is that the YZF is a tough nut to crack, and the Honda may be as good or maybe better in some areas, but overall it can't be that much better. My guess is that it will be a coin toss. Choose your weapon.

disregard this post couldnt get the stupid pics to post! oh well


I get my kicks on a 2001' YZ426!

Friendswood, TX

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Hi daveyg,

I've owned more Hondas than I have Yamahas, and worked part-time in a Honda/Yamaha dealership all through high school and college. I agree with everything you said in regards to Honda's reliability, attention to detail and ergonomics. However, the bike still isn't tested. I'm glad you've ridden Honda's for 13 years, then you too, have a frame of reference. Honda's have had some of the WORST suspensions (`89, `90, `91, `92, `97, '98) and handling traits (high-speed head shake - everything from `90 to '99), so they are not immune from problems.

Honda's too, like all other machines, can blow up (albeit, not as often as some other brands). I will defend Honda's customer service, though. It is second to none!! I've seen them good-guy warantee stuff no other manufactuer would touch.

I, however, would like to pose a question. Why are big-bore two-strokes no longer in fashion? Why no more 500 Outdoor National MX? Too hard to ride. I hope the Honda puts out 55 horsepower (this number is most likely taken at the crank) at the rear wheel. How many of you 426 owners think your bike is too slow? When you get tired can it be a handfull to ride? The reason the 400/426 works so well for the average guy (and even fast guys) is that they can use the power available.

The Honda will not be perfect. It will have its warts, too. It will be hard to get the first year because everyone will want one. It'll be a nice bike, but leaps and bounds better than the YZF, doubtful.


I couldn't agree with you more. Are we all forgetting the fact that the only thing that we YZF owners have had to do to get our bikes race ready is change the bars, and slap on a Gold ERT chain? When was the last time that any of us has heard of a Honda being race ready, especially when it comes to suspension, since when..... 87'? Will it be competitive? You bet it will. Will some died in the wool blue guys turn into red coats? Of course. We all want the best equipment.

I to work at a dealership. And I can fully endorse what you say about customer service. Both companies have their pros/cons. Let's just wait and see what the guys at the Yammie factory unleash. I think everyone will be happy.


Mr. Wizard says: "Go BIG, or go home!"


I agree, the Honda most likely will not be leaps and bounds ahead of the Yammie and most likely every Honda CRF owner will be sending out the suspension. I'd like to hope not, but yes, Honda has it's strengths and so does Yamaha. There will be guys selling their 426's before they even know if this thing is going to perform well at all. I think it's safe to say that the Honda will be ergonomically agreeable. If people like the feel of the 250, the slimness, the fit and feel, well, then most likely they will like that of the CRF. The big questions are, "How does it handle?", "What's the power like?", and "Is it reliable?".... If it produces the same or better power than the 426, I'll be surprised. As far as handling, I'd expect the CRF to handle as well or better due to the lighter weight and lower center of gravity. Reliability, I'd have to say that Honda knows plenty about motors from all of their four stroke development with Indy, F1, Auto's, and motorcycles. Who really knows though. This thing could have a serious case of the "Shakes", caused by ill fated suspension or a number of other things. Everyone would love for Honda to put out a Romper their first year and from the looks of the 98 YZF, it's possible. But, look how many changes Yamaha made from 98 to 99, and then from 99 to 00, and then from 00 to 01. Many! There were like 42 changes from 98 to 99.... Were they noticeable? To a trained rider they were. Were they make or break? Of course not. So, we shall see what Honda has unleashed.

As far as the power issue, I think that the AMA could have set a limit of 400cc and the manufacturers would still be pumping out 45 horses or more. I've heard people say that the YZ400's were more rideable than the 426's and I've heard that the 426 guys say that they can't get enough power. I personally like a bike with very "usable" power, as most riders would. I was able to ride the piss off the 426, but there were times when it would bark and spit me off if I wasn't careful. I raced 125's for years and always wanted more power. But the great thing about 125's is, you can hold the power on like a moped and just let the motor sing around the whole track. It's much more of a finessing approach with a big bore, and Jeff Ward will tell you about that with the KX 500's. Point it and hold on.


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