E-line pipe guard

anybody have a pipe guard from E-line ? it looks like it will save the header pipe from damage.I ordered one today so I will get back with a report.anyone else have one? hows the fit and protection ?

Put mine on last weekend after damaging my header It looks good and fits perfect :):D.. BTW Pacific Crest Pipe repairs did awesome work, I sent the pipe in on Monday and had it back on Thurs... :D :D

Jonesy920, where did you get that E-line pipe guard? Where is that pipe repair place? I would like to get a dent removed from my WB tapered header, but I dont know of any one that could do it. :)

I had Bret fix my header pipe....did a great job and only cost $40 bucks or so.... http://www.piperepair.com I believe Bret is up in Oregon somewhere...

Hope this helps,

Good luck

so does e-line make muffler guards? I am in bad need of some kind of guard for mine, mine is brand new and after my last ride the muffler looks like my neighbors 3-year old found a hammer and went to town on it


Mine works great as well!!!


Lemme guess trav........Reiter Pit? Thought my stocker looked bad till you posted :)

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