Need help ASAP!!! wr426 street use

Sorry if this has already been addressed but I have looked all over the site and can not find the answer to my question.

My question is would a wr426f be ok to use for 20-40 mile stints on county roads between trails. The speeds would be between 55-60 mph.

I would use the bike about 40% off road and 60% on road and don't believe I would ever go faster then about 60mph.

Here in WI we dont have a tone of trails we can ride dirt bikes on so the 20-40 miles would be a pretty average distance.

Im a die hard yamaha fan and am kind of upset they dont make a decent DS!!!

I hope I dont have to resort to an xr650l!! and suzuki's are out of the question for me (sry to those of you who like them I just dont trust them).

P.S.:thumbsup: heres a link to the bike im considering the guy did a pretty good job setting it up for DS

Also, I talked the guy down to $2500 not the $3500 listed

Sure you can use a WR for road use if your state allows it. 20 to 40 mile stints on the road won't be all that comfortable, but still do-able. I know of some guys that put hundreds of miles on their's every year in Mexico, so they can take sustained road use. Just use some common sense and you should be fine. Maniac

For what it's worth I ride my 01 WR250 on the road all the time. I rail on it and it's held up quite well. My commute is ~25miles of winding mountain roads, and I would not say it's uncomfortable at all. I'm not sure what all the stress over riding on the road is?

Having owned both an XR650L and the WR the thing you have to remember is the XR holds almost 3 quarts of oil compared to the 1 quart in the WR. You need to really keep up the maint schedule on the WR and you won't have any issues. I sort of dual sport mine (04, all the street stuff but no title) and ended up going 1 tooth higher on the countershaft sprocket which still gives me a nice pull in the dirt but lowers the revs on road nicely.

$2500 is still a tick high on that bike, IMHO. I looked at a WR426 early last year here in the Cities with a plate before i bought mine and he wanted $1800. Very nicely setup from the pics but was quite beat for the $$$$ when I saw it in person. I'd be a little careful agreeing on a price before seeing it; remember it's a kick only bike. Not too many people like that, especially on a street bike.

$2500 not bad for a street legal 426 bike in my opinion . I have over that in mine doing the conversion. I ride on the roads all the time to the trails. A lot of 40 miles on the road to get to them. I had gone up to a 15t when I got the bike street legal 1.5 years ago but last fall I tried a 16t and it works great for my road and trail rides here in Colorado. (50t in the back). I love the 2002WR426 for a dualsport. I change the oil every 600 miles. The 426 holds more oil than the 450WR. I put 1.8 quarts (with filter change) in mine so this helps a lot for the miles between changes. Some rides I do below. I had to ride a lot of pavement to get to these so you will be fine.

Thanks guys the price did seem a bit high to me but there are quite a few extras with the bike. I was just woundering because I have heard that it could be bad for the motor to hold constant speeds of 55-60mph.

Just don't run 70 with it I put street tires on it and was running 70 down the highway and one of the gears in the tranny friction welded itself to the shaft I don't think the oil pump can keep up at high speeds I'll try to find pictures to post, It ran good at 55 mph.

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