need help 08 450

I have a 08 yzf 450 all stock with very low hour's. The problem is after the bike is started ( it starts 2nd kick every time and idle's fine) you give it a little bit of gas it start's to break up, pop, backback fire. Just like you would when you try to let the clutch out with a little gas. But if you cracked the throttle it doesn't do it is it a jetting issue i have cleaned all the jet's out checked every thing out it look's good.:thumbsup:

Did this start before or after you had the carb apart?

Did the bike sit for an extended period (60 days or more)?

Did you have the slide out?

Did this start before or after you had the carb apart?

Hehe! that's funny! I like the way you think.

IF you did have the carb apart make sure you (or someone else) assembled the slide correctly.

This is what you should see if the slide is assembled correctly, There should be a hole visiblein the back of the slide......


If is assembled upside down it will look like this......


The slide just falls apart when it it removed from the carb.


Nice pictures. Thanks.

Another point to check is the small seal that sits in a groove on the circular section of the slide plate. It is "tapered" in that there is a free edge of the sealing lip that is larger in diameter than the other edge. When properly placed, the small edge of the taper goes into the cavity in the slide first.

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