2004 WR450F bringin' her back from the dead project

I wonder if Triple Expanding Hole Foam would work? I can't think of why it wouldn't.


I wonder if Triple Expanding Hole Foam would work? I can't think of why it wouldn't.


I've used this before but couldn't really tell a difference. Maybe it's too light, like using cool whip (umm).

Ahhhh..... that was the only reason I could come up with on why it wouldn't work. Thank you Sir!!!


Maybe time to call mythbusters!

I forgot what forks you are running RS25

I remembered you switched them out from stock. What about running a top clamp with rubber mounted bars?

I know some road bikes have weighted bar ends. Going off that idea what about plugging the bars about 3 inches in and heating sinker lead and pouring it in leaving enough room for your hand guard mounts

And maybe you could fill the bars with silicone by say "casting" 1 inch sections of silicone plugs in a old bar and somehow stuffing them into the depths of the bar where the silicone would not dry if you just squirted it in there. I dont really expect these ideas to work but Im just brain storming. Enough silly ideas in the right direction can lead to a solution.

So the newer (higher flow I assume?) oil pump isn't nessary for the nozzle to operate?? That would save some cash for sure.. Thought more flow couldn't be a bad thing while I was in there, but I could add it later I suppose. Maybe the money tree will bloom early this year!

Rocky, the new oil pump p/n is too similar in digits to be a completely different pump. I know for a 2006 WR450 motor vs 2007 YFZ450 motor, the only difference is the first 3 digits which is from my understanding just the model number, not a difference in the part. As far as the pump rotor, the part number appears to be identical. (reference part numbers taken from cheapcycleparts.com)

5D3-13300-00-00 (YFZ450 pump)

5TA-13300-00-00 (WR450f pump)

5TA-13320-00-00 (YFZ450 pump rotor)

5TA-13320-00-00 (WR450f pump rotor)

In my situation, both my pump and the rotor ingested debris damaging both parts, so a new assembly was needed. Could you get away with only running the nozzle... I believe so.

Thanks everyone for you suggestions, I am still looking for the solution.

MaxPower, I'm running 2006 48mm WR450f forks.

Thanks RS, I will get the nozzle ordered ASAP! Lucky I have a friend a few blocks away with a milling machine so the case mod will be a snap..

Have you played with your jetting anymore? Just wondering what needle and main was working for you?

Well heres the update I promised;

First Rocky, I'm still playing with the jetting, but so far this is how it's looking

4-15 degree C : 170 m, 48 p, 1 turn, 4th clip Red needle

16-25 degree C : 168 m, 45 p, 2.25 turn, 3rd clip Red needle.

I hate carbs.

Ok, now on to the good stuff... modifications :cry:

Here's the p/n's I odered;

5UM-11166-00-00 (hose assy)

90467-17128-00 (clip)

5TJ-14243-00-00 (bracket)

I like how some of us re-route the factory cylinder vent hose to the airbox.. so I decided why not make this happen... only real difference between how others have done it vs how I've done the mod, is I found the hose that fits the chassis correctly. I used a 2011 WR250f as my template for parts selection. The parts I ordered from Yamaha included the vent line, a clip, and the small C shaped bracket which bolts to the carb. The screws and the little round bushing I got from the hardware store in the plumbing isle.


Anyways, I received the parts, and I was wondering where to drill the hole in the airbox... until I noticed the raised boss in the fwd face of the airbox.. which surprisingly enough lined up perfectly with where the hose wanted to go. Keep in mind the picture is upside-down... I had to rotate the subframe upwards to gain access with a drill.


After I drilled the hole, I inserted the bushing from the inside of the carb going outwards. I sealed the bushing in place using some silicone... but I'll probably remove that stuff and use some 2 pt epoxy glue instead.


Then, I routed the vent hose from the valve cover to the airbox. Next I mounted the little C shaped bracket. Keep in mind the reason why it doesn't line up properly with the carb is because I'm using a CRF/KX carb, not the factory YZ/WR carb (that one is a bolt up w/o modifications using existing screws).

Also while I was there, I routed the two carb vent lines up to under the fuel tank.




Well that's it for right now.

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Thanks for posting this RS! However, I thought all you need to do to upgrade the 03-06 wr's oil system to satisfactory was install a new 07+ WR450 clutch cover that has the piston cooling jet unit inside?

Looking into this upgrade myself and since I need to change my clutch cover anyway for other reasons I am planning to replace the cover versus doing the machine work.

You must use the clutch cover from the quad because the newer WRs do not have the external oil lines and thus the clutch cover will not work on the older bikes.

So, for performing the upgrade on 03-06 WR450s you need the cover for 07+ YFZ450 quad and the newer high volume oil pump.

hey man, I really enjoy going trought your tread and you did a really nice job with your bike :)

where did you get the shoes? I love them.

hey man, I really enjoy going trought your tread and you did a really nice job with your bike :)

where did you get the shoes? I love them.

Shoes as in... footware... or? I picked them up at a local bike shop, they're Alpinestars S-MX1 boots. They work really well, and are super comfortable to the extent that you can actually wear them as normal shoes if you're going for a walk... I just wouldn't go running in them. I just haven't posted my newest set of racing Sidi B2 racing boots that I picked up recently which work much better if I'm riding aggressively at the track.

Oh, and incase anyone hasn't noticed, I changed my screne name on here from RS25 to Zibbit u2

and, here's a few pictures from the track. The bike handled amazingly, and it surprised a LOT of KTM's and APE's for how hard the bike pulled.

-taking the corner in sportbike stance (no I wasn't looking at the camera haha)


-finally figuring out how to do the foot out supermoto stance (that was awkward to learn)


-and by the end of the day, I think I managed to actually heat the tires up a wee bit


Edited by zibbit u2

Looks good zibbit!!! I was wondering where you took off too!!!


I never went very far, I've been working on another wire harness for a member on here for the last little bit... other than that, I've been a troll, lurking in the shadows and observing what's going on in the fs thread.

Btw, if anyone has a hyd clutch setup, or some FI components laying around their garage.... lmk :p

changing your name confused the heck out of me. I thought someone else had put together a Hurricane Carbon fiber WR too.

You can have my Magura clutch. I have enough to set up an dial in on my bike.

cool, cause I don't have a functioning clutch setup on my bike right now.. damn cable broke

zibbit, I finally did your oil system upgrade, and just wanted to say thanks for such a great idea!!! You sir, are a genius!!! :prof:

And for anyone else that is interested in doing the mod, but have been worried about the complexity, just do it! It's very easy, and is almost foolproof if you follow zibbits instructions!!!

How did you bore the hole and cut the slots for the nozzle? Did you buy a new oil pump too?

I bought the parts, just haven't installed them yet.

I am so happy Fizzbit thought of applying the oil mod from what the quad guys were doing.

See? Quads are good for something

Edited by MaxPower

I basically did just as zibbit did. I used a Dremel tool with a cut-off wheel to remove the top 3.5mm of material, then drilled out the hole to the required depth, finishing with the 21/32" as per his directions. Then you drill the oil feed hole using a 3/32" drill bit, bored directly in the middle of the hole you've just made with the 21/64". If you follow his directions, it will nearly be impossible to mess up!!

I did buy the new oil pump, but haven't installed it yet, and don't know if I will. I don't believe any of the bikes come with this oil jet, only the quads. At least that's what I've heard anyhow.

And your right! Quads do have some usefulness!!! :thumbsup:

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Holy crap! and i was proud of myself for just taking my motor out and putting it back in. This is crazy. 2 rebuilds?! Looks really good...

Wow, it's been a while since I've even put anything into this tread. Coles notes, the bike is sitting on a bike stand in a unheated garage...

I'm sure hoping nothing is damaged on it from the cold winter temps. When I finally got around to draining the coolant out of the bike after a couple COLD weeks, it came out looking like a 7-11 slushy... hopefully there's no damage in the motor... if there is, I'm sure I'll find out pretty quickly in the spring.

On a side note, I'm still looking for clutch cable alternatives. I sent an email to Magura over a month ago inquiring about a semi custom hydraulic clutch setup. Basically what I want is the street clutch master cylinder, with a stainless steel braided line (factory kit length), and the normal hydraulic jack... but in reality I'd take just the factory kit too... Unfortunately I haven't heard back from Magura.. which makes me a little PO'd.

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