03 YZ graphics on a 03 WR ????????????

I know someone here has a very simple answer to a very simple question. How much trimming and how do they look after? I would also be interested if this info applies to the 250's as well. A freind of mine was trying to get this info on the 250 forum but all he got was ZOOOOOOOOOOOed :) Thanks for any info or tips you con offer.

Smoke :D

i plan on doing that with thehot wheels ones but i would spray windex on the graphics slide them into the best place and push all hte wrinkles out etc and trim where needed then take a credit card squeez all the windex out and take a hair dryer to take care of the rest :)

See even though I gave you a hard time...I told you they'd fit.


We wern't against anyone poking some fun but after the jokes there should of been a staight answer and there where not many. The way you guys responded to the question, who could believe your answers anyway :).

Smoke :D

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