Where to get a SMALL feeler gauge?

Where can I buy a small, valve tappet feeler guage that goes smaller than .008inch? Most auto stores I've checked with only carry standard feeler guages. I'm in the middle of checking the valves on my WR450 and can only verify the exhaust valves but not the intake (clearance is smaller than .008, according to the manual.)


What exactly are the specs?

Does it start at .008 and go up from there :) but your clearance is lower than that?

Buy them online, you can try it at "Snap On" blades or you can get them elsewhere. Try Matco, MAC etc. I have the MAC ones for work and Snap On at home for my WR 426. Careful, if you want the metric ones, dont get the standards with metric equivalents, get "metric" and if you do it in thousanths, then get the standard ones, but dont try to use the MM readings/equivalents on the standard blades.

I ran into the same problem. I found one at Sears that went down to .002

THANKS guys!

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