Michelin S-12

Does anyone know where I can get a set of s-12's, in stock ? Everyone I've called has them back ordered :) If I can't find them this week I'm going to try the Trelleborgs....

I ordered my next set a couple of weeks ago and they say I wont get them until September! I guess the magazine article rated them so high that everyone is trying them. :)

I ordered mine Friday and got them monday from www.motosportoutlet.com :worthy:Good luck

They do not sell the popular 140/80 -18 rear I use. :)

My parts guy has them sitting right there in his store. Check him out at www.motojockey.com He always hooks me up with what i need right away.

120/90/18 is the same tire. Give Motosport a call and they will explain why the measurements are funky. 1-888-676-8853 :)

rocky mountain MC is backordered until Sept

screw the s-12 and give the maxxis IT a try. It holds up well and still hooks up well after 800-1000 miles.

I lied. Its the 120/100/18 thats the same as the 140/80/18. :)

Gonna try the Trellaborg...Maybe I'm just a rebel...They say you can run 6psi in the rear with a bridgestone heavy duty tube...

I will bring my tow strap when we ride again. I never run lower than 8 psi in the rear 10 psi front and only on mud tracks without rocks. That sounds like it will be dangerously low to me. :)

Call Southhaven and talk to Mike. They had a whole bunch in stock the last time I checked. 662-393-2877

They've got them at Seattle Cycle Center. http://seattlecycle.com/ I'm picking up a set tomorrow night. They give me a pretty good price, about $50 per tire plus tax. If you have no luck anywhere else, PM me and let's see if we can come up with a solution. (maybe I pick them up and ship them to you, or something like that.)

I have to pipe in and add my link :D


$58.00 to your door no shipping if you buy two or more tires.

I am finding the Maxxis lasting axactly the same as the S-12 and has better hook up on hard surface. Good summer tire give it a try. S-12 for winter all the way though. :)

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