WR or YZ?

This question has been asked before but I have a twist.I own a 2000 YZ 426 (excellent bike) but the other day I saw a WR that was street legal. Needless to say I fell in love. My question is should I spend the money to add a lighting coil, Baja Designs kit, speedo, side stand and misc or, get a WR as a starting point that already has the lights plus gearing capable of road use. I do motocross the bike and will always have a bike dedicated to the track, but when I heard about the new YZ440,450??? I thought I would upgrade next year anyhow. any responses are appreciated.

strip yours down, put the wr box in ($300). buy the 450 conversion. yz court400 has an engine & one or two more are starting to pop up on this site. take the generator equipment off one of these engines.

check if you can bore a 400 out to 450cc (ie not so much can the bottom end take it but is there enough meat on the barrel). px your 426 for a 400 & make a profit. put the money toward taking that barrel out to 450cc. remember that the little end was increased in 99 so don't do a deal on a 98,ok?

while your there definately go for the big valve conversion. no if's or but's. so you might as well port it as well of course.


if you live in ca. before you decide to make yz street legal check bikes vin number if the 8th number is "3" or "c" your wasting your time.i talked to some people at bajadesigns and they said that dmv has really cracked down in the past few months making it almost impossible to license yz's or wr's for street if they have 3 or c in 8th position of vin#.

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