06 yz450 clutch engagement ?

I recently got back into riding and i picked up an 06 yz 450f in really good shape; Dont know if its me but it seems like the clutch engagement is off. It does not go until the clutch lever is pretty much all the way out. I only have minor freeplay in my clutch lever. its a handful sometimes in some technical spots because it seems like I cant feather the clutch. Its either all or nothin. I replaced the clutch plates and springs, clutch cable and it seems to be the same. The clutch basket is like new with no grooves. Any help on this topic would be greatly appreciated.

Usually, that's plates. Are the levers OEM, or aftermarket?

the levers are oem. i replaced all the plates and springs. I was thinkin about getting an aftermarket lever and perch, but I dont know if that would make a difference. I figured the clutch would work best with the stock setup. I just dont know what else to check or change.

Were the parts ypu used OEM or aftermarket?

One thing you might try as an experiment is to either compare your release arm to a new one, or to another '06 (the internal part, too), or just try the release arm from an '07. The clutch was changed in '07 for a lighter pull, and the release arm is one of the elements of that.

Which made me think to ask, how many clutch friction plates? 8 or 9? The '06 had a 9 plate stack, different steels, pressure plate and springs.

all the parts are oem. i cant remember how many plates total i had, but i remember there being a difference between the 06 to 07 clutch and when I ordered the parts I was sure that I got the 06 clutch. im going to take your advice and try a different perch and lever to see if there is a difference. thanks for your help grayracer, if i figure it out i will let you know.

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