yes the camshaft again

ok i had a chance to do it but i passed because i still wanted the clean bottom end a mellow build up of monstrous power from the bike... i ride mostly everything from straight rocky downhills and rocky tight technical goat trails to wide open deserts... if i get the camshaft will it make my arms longer and be a pain in the a$$ on the trail or will it actually be easier to flick and around etc... thanks guys by the ways i did a search but couldnt find a lot :D:):D

I rode a WR450 a couple of weeks ago with the YZ450 exhaust cam and timing. Made great power in the midrange and top end but down low it was missing the grunt of the WR setup. For me, YZ timing isn't the way to go just because the majority of the riding I do is slower, single-track woods riding. However, if you spend more time in wide open spaces where you can open the WR up, I would say YZ timing is the way to go.

Just my impression between the two setups.

I am with Dave on this. I actually bought the YZ cam and had it in for a month and went back to the WR cam. I need the low end grunt of the WR cam and you get to much wheelspin with the YZ cam at the top end. :)

thanks guys looks like im going to get the power now and a new pipe with some more airbox mods :D:)

What about for Supermoto use? Do you think the mid to top end gain would be noticeable when running with CRF450's and YZ450's?

Indy, wanna sell that YZ cam???

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