2007 yz450f engine noise help please

At an idle my bike makes a ticking/knocking noise, when i drive it its quite a bit quieter, the sound is coming from the right hand side ( when sitting on the bike) around the cylender. Ive checked valve clearances, I replaced the timing chain, theres good compression, the bike starts 1st or 2nd kick, and runs great, the oil is good. i've heard this noise is normal, but it worries me, any help would be appreciated!!..

here's the youtube link, listen for yourself.. thanks

my 450 does the same kinda sounds like a knock or a fast tick? i wouldnt be to worried if u made sure all other things are within spec

You are running at least premium right? I use 93 in mine.

Just bent my connecting rod and wrecked the piston and scored the cylinder bad.. looks like the valves were hitting the top of the piston a little bit...

turns out the noise was coming from the wrist pin on the piston.. it worked its way loose and broke the piston..

Do you know if the engine has ever been apart?

My 450 behaves the same way too but no problems here..sounds normal to me.

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