Throttle stop on '98 400

Hi all,

I have been reading posts for a while now and all of you have mentioned shaving the throttle stop. I am in South Africa and at an altitude of 5800 feet asl. Do you recommend shaving the stop and if so what jetting should I go to. Bike is currently stock apart from a Pro Circuit T4 pipe.

Thanks in advance



You should cut the throttle stop if you want more throttle, plane and simple. For better breathing, you can remove the air box lid. Free mods are just that - free :)

i dont think that you would have to rejet after cutting the throttle stop. Shoot riding your bike areound with a Pro Circuit pipe at basically idle must suck. i bet your throttle stop is already cut.

Cheers guys thanx for I should check to see if the stop has been shaven ?.....suggested length to look for ?

Thanks in advance



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