Line Wrench for tightening chain

Most of you guys probably already use these but if not give one a try. I picked up a 10 / 12 MM combo line wrench at Sears. It works perfectly for tightening chains. Line wrenches are like boxed end wrenches only with a slot cut out in one of the hex flats. The slot allows you to clear the threaded portion of the chain tentioning bolt and slip onto the 10MM retaining nut. It gives you enough extra grip on the nut to not round it off when loosening or tightening the nut. The wrench cost about $14. There are probably cheaper ones out there but it works well and has a lifetime warranty.

You can see pictures of this type wrench at the following website:

I'm curious...are you using this single wrench to do the adjustment? After adjusting my chain, I put a screwdriver shank in between the sprocket and chain and then turn the wheel to pull the wheel axle forward against the bolts. Then, with a 10mm open end wrench holding the adjustment bolt snug against the block, I tighten the cinch nut nut with the 12mm. I was wondering how you keep the adjustment bolt from turning if you only use one wrench?

I use a separate standard open end 12MM wrench to hold the bolt end in place and use the 10MM line wrench to tighten the cinch nut. The wrench holding the bolt is not so critical, you are merely holding the bolt in place while you tighten the nut with the line wrench.

The Craftsman line wrench I bought just happened to be a 10/12MM combo wrench. I still need two wrenches to do the job.

My Bad!

I meant that I use a separate 10MM wrench to hold the bolt end and use the 12MM line wrench to tighten the cinch nut...

I knew what you meant.. :)

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