Quick Help/Idea Needed

Last night I was doing an oil change on the bike. Started it up, let it idle for a minute, and decided I should wash it off a bit before undoing the plugs. After a quick spray down, I started it up again, and now have a very noticable ticking sound coming from the engin :). What could have happened??? I know cold water on a warm engine isn't totally desireable, but I just can't imagin it would cause problems. I've run glacial run off streams with the bike super hot many times with no problems.

Any ideas as to what it could/might be?? I'll be checking it again when I get home tonight.


Dodger :D :D

I have heard that before also, I dont know what it is but I was alarmed the first time I heard it to. It was about the same scenario, I was starting it after washing it. No worries, just noisy valve train sometimes. Like you said, there is no difference between that and running through ice cold streams in winter. :)

was the bike on or off when you heard the "ticking noise"?

Running. The ticking was in unison with the piston, and was definately a brand new noise than the bike had 2 minutes earlier..........

Dodger :):D

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