yz426 homemade flag mount

Im headed to little sahara for snake hunt in about a week so I needed a whip to ride... after looking around online I decided I didnt want one that mounted on my swing arm (how stupid is that) and have to drill a hole in my fender to zip ty it to keep it from wrapping around my wheel... And I didnt like the idea of spending $44 for one that sits on top of my fender from hinesracingf.com (good design but seems like it woould bounce on my fender and get on my nerves) so i decided to figure something else out and this is what i did...



I work at a 4wd performance shop and we always have random stuff layng around and I found a couple brackets for mounting limiting straps so i decided to take the cutting wheel and do some timming nd thjis is what i came out with


works pretty good and it was free!:thumbsup:

Sweet design man!!! I HATE the mounts that bolt onto the swing arm (I actually have them) and my flags break aalll the time and i also didnt want to drill a hole into my fender either. I was in glamis a couple weeks ago and my flag kept breaking so i decided to get a broken one and tie it into my camelbak. it works pretty good except for it hits your helmet sometimes. But i really like your design you should start selling them

haha thanks! Id be more than happy to help someone build one Im not in it for profit (god knows plenty of people are) Im in it for the good times!!!!! :thumbsup:

Nice design! I for one LOVE swingarm mounts :/ but this is a good idea... Not for me though, im short and have to swing my leg nice and wide just to get over the seat of my 426 :thumbsup: so I'd break this baby off in a heartbeat! But it looks really clean!

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