Piston ring rolled over

What would cause a piston ring to roll over the edge? Could it only be done reassembling the cylinder or could it do it while running? Last pic is what looks like a heat mark on the left side of the cylinder, opposite of where the ring rolled over.




Reassembly error. Absent some really abnormal condition, it's impossible for that to occur once put together right.

Wow, I bet the cylinder was kind of hard to slide down... That sucks!!!

Those cylinders are tough to get on with the skirt cut so high I need two sets of eyes when I do it, with that said I think I have one brand new oil ring if your interested :thumbsup:

Thanks for all the replies, i got the bike as is, not running and going through the motor. Everything seems fine, just maybe the previous owner put some stuff back together wrong.

Thats what I call a "curly Q".....Try it on a R-1 sportbike when your doing 4 pistons at once with no ring compressor.:thumbsup:

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