another jetting question

so i was reading through this from the stickies:


I've seen a lot of questions recently regarding this topic, so here is a list of when to and when not to rejet...


You just took delivery and did ALL the free mods...the bikes come lean from the factory and free mods make it worse.

You just put on a new exhaust system

You just installed a new carb

You just rebuilt the top end/had a big bore installed

You've changed average riding elevation by 4,000' or more

The temperature average has increased/decreased by 20 degrees

Whenever you have an environmental/mechanical change that significantly effects the air density or the air/fuel requirements of your engine.

Don't Re-jet

When you've only cut the grey wire

When you disconnect the TPS

When you remove the AIS

When your bike suddenly starts running poorly without any apparent reason

When you get new tires, graphics, grips, levers, brake pads, spark plugs or helmet cams

When you change your oil/coolant/suspension fluid

When you adjust your steering damper

When you finally set your sag properly

When you get into an altercation with a mountain biker

When your bike runs like a raped ape and you're happy with the performance

If I've overlooked something let me know :thumbsup:...SC

I am wondering how far i can take the free mods without rejetting. money is tight right now. i bought the gytr ais removal kit. above it says i can do the grey wire and remove ais without rejetting. there is no point to the grey wire without doing the yz throttle stop that comes with the kit. so with the throttle stop, do i need to rejet? the carb will be getting alot more fuel, but the same amount of air.

i know it will need jetting if i uncork it and open up the air box and exhaust. but what about just ais, grey wire, and throttle stop?

and is it worth the time to do the ais, grey wire, and throttle stop, without also doing the air box and exhaust? or should i wait till i can afford a jd jet kit and do it all at the same time? will i notice enough difference doing grey wire and throttle stop and ais without the other two to be worth the time?

If you bought the GYTR AIS kit then you got the needle which is the big thing anyways.

Do all the free mods including airbox and muffler.

Put in the GYTR needle, buy a 168 main and a 48 pilot, though the stock 45 pilot might work...

Jets will cost you $5 each, won't break the bank.

After you've been riding for a while, it's not uncommon to have collected a stack of jets.

I have probably have 4-5 of each size lying around.

I change the main depending on where I'm riding that day. It takes about 2 minutes. It's not the big intimidating job that people make it out to be.

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