Need help quick! Starter just clicking...

Is it just a relay or something? It sounds like the starter wants to turn but something up high is making noise... I tried putting it on the charger but it didn't work and the battery shows charged. I'm trying to sell it and I think that's what's holding people back. Thanks guys it's a 07

If i understand your version of "clicking" right (lots of fast high-pitched) clicks then it may well be your battery, does it start and run well when you kick it over? And did you try pushing the estart while the charger was still hooked up?

The only time mine clicks is when the battery is drained

yeah thats what it sounds like but i had it hooked up to the charger in "start" mode and it did the same thing... i guess i'll toss a battery in it hopefully get more money out of it saying it's running

A battery charger won't usually start a bike with a dead battery. It will just click like you described,I have this problem with my stuff when the batteries start getting old. I try to use on of the new "smart" chargers.Then check the voltage after the battery has sat for a while.You should have around 13.5 or a little higher if memory serves me correct ,if it is fully charged.

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