Newbie Rotor Nut Question

I just picked up a 03 WR450 and I wanted to check the torque on the rotor nut. Can someone explain the procedure for this? Must I remove the whole cover and replace the gasket? Or can I just remove the access port?

some one here will probably know the answer... but you best bet is to get a service/repair manual for your bike.

I don't think you can secure the flywheel for the loosening without taking the cover off. I had my woodruff blow after 10K (was I red in the face then...) and so ran the procedure below. I think was able to stop the starter gears (small round access cover) for the tightening using a screwdriver to jam them (uses the one-way clutch for the starter which is likely the root of all woodruff evil).

I loosed the nut, red loctite (medium, on threads only), torqued to 47 lbs, then backed off about 1/2 turn, then torqued to 51 lbs (most are recommending 50lbs, I wouldn't go any higher than I did). Let it sit for a day to let the loctite set in and haven't had any problems after about 800K since. I still get anxious every time if puffs when kicked or spun with the button. I only use the button when the engine is hot, with just a touch of throttle (enough to load the cable really) and the hot start pulled. Hope this helps.

Dan 03 WR450 and loving it. :)

You can tighten the nut with the inspection cover off but I have always done this after I have drained oil for an oil change so oil might drain out of the cover hole when full. I put the bike in 5th gear and put a wood block on the rear brake pedal so my foot doesn’t slip off. I have my wife push down on the back of the seat since the torque of turning the nut will load up the suspension anyway.

Using red thread Loctite is not enough, you have to make sure the procedure is done correctly as per the Technical Service Bulletin. If you don’t have a punch mark on your head tube then the bike probably hasn’t been fixed by the dealer. You should check the nut frequently anyway so it works well to do this when you do your oil changes. If you need the TSB, pm me and I can email it to you.

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